Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Fun Sun Day

I love sunset.
What a great night.
Loving their ice cream at the little PacMan table, like the one from Pizza Hut when we were kids.
They really do love each other. Those moments are mixed in all day with the fighting:).
The big boys with Daddy.
What a handsome three year old.
What a pretty setting.
Going down for the day.
They had the whole pool to themselves.
He's getting way too big.
The River Walk is so nice.
Coop led the way looking for pirates along the way.
Hi buddy.
Little drivers. I was right behind Park on the playground and I felt like a giant on the set.
He had a great time.
They loved the bridge.
He kept switching between the new sheriff in town and the ping pong pirate bandit. He's got quite the imagination too!
We are excited to be able to be outside at home soon too!
This morning we slept in again, seriously I love the dark curtains in a hotel room. My boys slept until at least 9:00-9:30 each day we were gone and Cooper slept till 10:00am several mornings. That is a vacation in itself! At this hotel we had access to the Concierge lounge for breakfast and snacks, another perk of a husband who travels all the time and has lots of Marriott points. Tom had to leave really early this morning so the three boys and I went up for breakfast. We definitely did not fit in the group at all and looked seriously out of place. Everyone was in business attire and having little meetings and looked so professional and then there was me with the double stroller and three little boys. I decided to load up the stroller with our breakfast and take it back to the room. Afterwards we took a walk and then went to the park to play. It was so pretty outside and the park is right next the hotel. All of the boys had a great time and we had the whole playground to ourselves. We also played in the sand area again and had lots of fun. I had been thinking about salad from the Columbia again so we walked a little farther and got carry out from the Columbia Cafe and took it back to the hotel to eat. After lunch we went to the pool and swam. The boys were great again and had lots of fun. Daddy had stopped at Walmart and got them some pool toys so they had a great time. Parker took a nap at the pool again so we were able to stay a long time swimming. Daddy had another fun night planned for us so we had to hurry and get ready in time to leave. We drove to St. Petersburg and went to the Don Cesar Resort and had dinner on the beach at the Sun Porch Cafe. We were able to see the sunset and it was beautiful. The beach is so calming and absolutely beautiful. The boys were great at dinner and loved being outside. Afterwards we walked around the hotel and had ice cream at a little parlor inside the hotel. It was fun to do something new and visit a new place.

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