Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dora and Diego with Four Boys

Parker playing peek a boo in the garden.
Baylor is so good with Park.
Coop loves the spaceship.
He's tall and can reach the stars.
He loved the slide.
Mr. Ethan loved going down again and again.
Gathering nuts.
He wore his Diego sweatshirt since we were going to the museum. He wants to wear it everyday.
He was giving us a mean pirate face.
Pirate Ethan.
They love the coins and the bank.
He loves the water area and was soaked!
Baylor loves Scienceworks right now!
This area was dead and they had the water all to themselves.
Notice all the wet spots on his from the water.
Learning about dental hygiene in the little house.
Today we went to the Children's Museum with Jen and Ethan to explore in the Dora and Diego exhibit. When we first got there we ate lunch in the cafeteria before playing. Ethan was such a big boy eating with his fork and had so much to eat. He was a huge mess and ended up changing into Parker's extra outfit. We went to Dora and Diego first and the boys had a great time. The little boys loved the slide. I think they may have gone down it twenty times. Baylor and Cooper spent a long time playing with the ball at the acorn tree. The spaceship and garden was a big hit again. All the boys played in the pirate ship and Ethan and Cooper looked so cute dressed up as pirates. After our time at Dora we headed to Science Works. Baylor loves the water area with the boats. There is lots for him to do there. We ended the day with a ride on the carousel. It was another great day at the museum with four cute little boys!

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