Monday, February 21, 2011

Pool Day

Baylor loved this Woody made out of Legos.
My three precious boys!
I know I say this all the time, but they truly are super pals.
Coop didn't get a nap and this was him within minutes of getting in the car on the way to Downtown Disney. He was tired.
Watching a little cartoons on the Ipad while waiting for Daddy.
My boys are not timid and asked these big boys if they could play soccer. Baylor did great keeping up and had fun running around.
Coop wanted to play checkers but it was more like hop scotch for him.
P took a nap.
Lunch by the pool.
The pool had a lazy river that was Cooper's favorite part. He loved it! It was huge and so beautiful.
There were lots of waterfalls and the water was so warm.
My camera can go underwater and it was fun to take some pictures of the boys. I love this picture!
He loves the water.
Parker loves the water too. He still needs to be held in the swim sweater but I'm sure by the end of the summer he will be a pro.
The alligator splash pool was fun.
He was hard at work in the sand.
They were busy being pirates.
He was proud.
We had this whole area to ourselves. It was perfect and gated so it was so easy to watch the boys.
Ahoy Captain Cooper.
Parker had several calls to catch up on during breakfast.
Daddy woke up early and worked at the hotel until we were all up and ready. He had a conference call and some work he had to get done. The boys slept in again until 9:30 which was so nice. Daddy didn't have to be at a meeting until later so we all went to breakfast at McDonald's. It was a lovely morning and we sat outside and ate. It was so nice to be outside and enjoy the sun. After breakfast we all got ready for the pool. Daddy had another call but then was able to come and swim with us and eat lunch at the pool until his afternoon meetings. We swam, played in the sand, played on the playground, and enjoyed our time outside. The boys were so good and the day went great. Parker even took a nap in the stroller and the boys were able to play in the sand and on the playground while he slept. We ate lunch at the pool and spent the whole day outside. We all went inside and got ready and then when Daddy was done for the day we went to Downtown Disney. Once again it was packed, but we had fun. We ate dinner at Earl of Sandwich and then the boys did some shopping. The Lego store and the World of Disney were the big spots for the boys. Both boys brought their money and had some Disney dollars to spend. They both got a new pirate sword and some Phineas and Ferb items. I also love going to Downtown Disney and we had another fun night.


Emily said...

I'm looking forward to pictures of your trip! Have fun!! It's gray, cold and rainy here. Yuck!

d_freestone said...

You had a pool day, we had an ICE day!!! No school Monday AND Tuesday!!! Have a wonderful time!