Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magic Kingdom

I love the castle at night.
I'm not sure why but we only took Iphone pictures at the park so the quality isn't the greatest but it was easier.
I think this is the first time we didn't get any pictures with characters. Those lines were seriously out of control!
He is such a happy boy and just goes along and enjoys everything.
On the people mover.
We took the time to let the boys do the things they wanted to do. Baylor loved the big water globe.
I love this funny picture because I am so lucky to have Tom. We have so much fun together and are such a great team.
I loved seeing all the pretty flowers.
Coop doesn't mind waiting for Baylor when he goes on the big rides as long as a treat is involed. A lemon ice takes a long time to eat and he loves them!
Angel baby took a nap in the stroller.
Parker kept sharing his ice cream with Coop.
He wanted to hold his Mickey bar all by himself.
On the train with my boys.
It is hard to get him to smile for pictures. He is too busy to stop!
Waiting for pirates.
Loving on Daddy.
At the Polynesian ready for a great day.
So pretty and green!
We decided to sleep in again today and take our time getting to the park. Since we have been a few times:) we didn't want to kill ourselves and enjoy the day instead of trying to get everything done. The park was open till 12:00 am and 3:00 am for resort guests so it was packed to say the least. There were lines, long lines, for every single ride. I have never seen a line for the People Mover and it was 20 minutes. We worked the fast pass system and the longest line we waited in was 30 minutes, I think for the pirates. Baylor was able to go on Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain with fast passes which was great because those lines were 90 minutes or longer. We also got fast passes for Buzz and Pooh which was nice. I think it was the most crowded since we went over New Year's Eve when Tom and I were in high school. It truly was a madhouse. We had a great time though and had fun. Parker loved the rides and cried when he had to get off of Small World and Pooh. Cooper loved Buzz and wanted to go again and again. Both boys were happy the teacups were open again since they were closed in October and they went super fast with Daddy. We left right after the parade and it was so crowded they had us exit behind the scenes. We decided to not eat dinner there and ate at the Polynesian, dinner was yummy and I loved my pineapple whip. We ate outside and the boys played with their new light up swords from the parade. We seem to buy these every time and they never get old. We did have a magical day together!

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