Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Party at Mimi and Pop's House

What a great party!
The table looked beautiful.
The boy's place settings had lots of special treats for them.
Mimi even had her Waterford goblets and plates for us to use. The boys did great and we had no spills or breaks!
Pop and BMan.
Coop was ready to eat!
Baylor loves decorations and special parties so he was so excited!
Dessert was so yummy! Mimi had cookies, cupcakes, and angel food cake with strawberries.
Park loved Kopper Kettle and fed himself with a spoon.
I love you Mom!
Our family!
He was a mess after lunch and Daddy had to get the food out of his hair and then gave him a nice little mohawk.
He loves his puppy!
Ready to open.
Our finished love chain.
Cooper hopping away.
Park and Pop with his glow worm.
This was my favorite strip that Baylor wrote. I hope he always loves Jesus and grows into a Godly man!
Park before church. We combed his hair and he got some spray for the first time.
After a wonderful service at church we went to Mimi and Pop's house for a Valentine's Party. Mimi went to lots of work to make it a special day for the boys and made us all feel so loved! We had a delicious lunch from the Kopper Kettle and lots of tasty treats. Mimi decorated her table so cute and added so many sweet touches. After lunch and dessert we make a love chain. Everyone wrote down things they loved and then read them out loud and we made a chain. It was so sweet and the boys worked so hard on their pieces for the chain. I must say seeing Baylor's pieces in his own handwriting was so sweet. We also played a heart toss game and they had to hop over paper hearts. This was a big hit and Daddy even got in on the fun. Mimi gave the boys their presents and they were so happy. The big boys got a new game and a Color Wonder set and Parker got a cute outfit and a glow worm. We all had a great time at the party and felt so loved!!! We love you Mimi and Pop!

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