Friday, February 25, 2011

My Favorite

He didn't get a nap again and fell asleep on the ride home. He was out for the night. We changed his jammies and got him in bed and that was it. All of the swimming and playing wears him out and he sleeps great!
The sky as we were driving into the village.
He was working on some strokes. We are hoping Mr. Jake will teach swimming again this summer.
A little floating on his back.
They love Daddy to throw them in the water.
Love those big eyes!
He was serious about carrying his big shovel.
He loves the ocean just like his Mommy!
The cold water didn't seem to bother the boys at all.
' Three brothers having a great time at the beach.
Learning from his big brother.
Hooray for the beach!
Parker's first time to walk on the beach.
He loved his lunch.
Parker tried some shells too.
My favorite place in all the world is Siesta Key Beach. I love it and have such fond special memories from my time there over my entire life. When Tom found out Friday he was free and could take the day off I knew what I wanted to do. It truly was my perfect day, if I could pick anything to do for one day this would be it. It was perfect! Tom worked in the morning and the boys and I ate breakfast and then got ready to leave for the beach. We left around 10:30 and stopped at Demetrio's for lunch on the way. The boys were so excited!!! All of our favorite people were working and the boys had their shells within minutes of sitting down. Cooper ate two plates and Baylor loved his meal too. Tom and I were quite happy too. Afterwards we headed to the beach. When we pulled in to Crescent Arms Cooper said I knew we had our beach house, I found it. I think he was confused the whole time about where we were staying. The house was rented so we could not go in, but we were able to borrow some beach toys form a friend. The boys had the best time at the beach and played for a long time. They are going to love our time there this summer. Parker is another beach baby and kept trying to walk right into the freezing cold water. It was a beautiful day. After a few hours at the beach we went to swim at the pool. We swam until 6:00 pm and had the whole pool to ourselves for the last hour. The boys loved their time and enjoyed having Daddy swim with them. After showering at the pool and changing we headed to the village for dinner. We ate at the Old Salty Dog and then got ice cream at Big Olaf's. Before leaving for the night we stopped at the Beach Bazaar and the boys picked a prize. It truly was my perfect day!!!!

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d_freestone said...

OHHHHHH I LOVED the photographs of our beach!!! Summer cannot come soon enough!! Thank you for sharing!