Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Busy Busy Tuesday

Baylor had a baked potato and salad and lots of yummy rolls!
Park and BMan played peek a boo while we waited for Coop.
B discovered the self portrait feature on my new phone and took at least fifty pictures of himself in the bathroom while I was changing Parker.
He was really up close.
He made some great faces.
He really had the nose flare down!
Today was one busy day. The morning started early when the doorbell rang at 7:00 am and the men from the lumber yard were delivering trim. We all hurried and got ready and ate breakfast and were out the door by 8:20. We dropped off Baylor, then Cooper, and Parker and I headed to Mops. It was a great Mops meeting, it was spa day and was so fun. We all got a massage, eyebrow waxing, foot soak, and paraffin wax. I also won a manicure/pedicure certificate in a drawing! Afterwards Parker and I picked up Baylor from school. Cooper had PDO so he stayed at school longer today. It was nice to get to spend time with Baylor and I let him pick our lunch spot. Of course he picked the place with the yummy rolls. Both boys did great and ate really well. We stopped at the car wash, one of Baylor's favorites, and almost got stuck inside. The belt stopped moving and we were in the brush station for over five minutes. I was getting a little worried and was so thankful when we were out! We stopped at Target to get some things for our trip to Florida and then picked up Cooper. We hurried home and then Miss Sarah came and watched Parker while I took the little boys to get hair cuts. Mimi picked them up and took them home so I could get my hair done. I stopped at Subway on the way home and then we spent the night in doing homework, playing games, reading books, and watching cartoons. It was one busy day!

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