Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Again!

When we woke up we ate breakfast, watched cartoons, and played with playdoh. We also cleaned out the DVD cabinets in the game room. We were iced in again today. We got more ice and snow last night and it is frigid. We got the call around 4:00 pm that school is cancelled again tomorrow. We have been inside all together upstairs alot:).
Parker was busy playing trains today. He says choo-choo in a deep voice while he plays.
He really likes to play trains.
We all took showers and got dressed today. It kind of helped make us feel productive. We read lots of books again today.
We have really enjoyed our library books.
Baylor was lucky because Hank, our builder, had to run to the store and he drove Baylor to Mimi's house. He was so happy to get out. Coop and I watched the Jungle Book.
We also played Uno Moo, poor Park watched from the background.
We played dinosaurs for a long time.
Park liked the tub the best.
Coop was making sure Park knew all of these dinosaurs were really his but he was going to share. Isn't that nice of him?
Since school is canceled again Baylor is spending the night with Mimi. They had shoe tying school and worked on his words. He did great! Coop played games on the Ipad. He loves the Wubbzy kickball game.
Park and Mommy played trains again.
At naptime today I read this whole book. I have heard great things about it from several friends and then it was highlighted in People magazine so I bought it today on my Ipad and read it. It was a great book and I loved it. It really makes you think about heaven and makes you want to make sure all your loved ones know Jesus and are saved.
The book is about a little boy and his recounts of heaven when he was nearly four and having emergency surgery due to a ruptured appendix. I loved reading about heaven from a child's perspective. When I was in high school I did a project on near death experiences and read several books and watched a few shows on this topic. It is really interesting and makes you think. I would definitely recommend this book!

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d_freestone said...

Again, I am SO sorry to hear about the ice you all have been enduring! Thank the Good Lord that you have a warm home, electricity, and food! Ice is soooo much worse than the 16 inches of snow that we had!! Two days off of school for me, this week! Stay safe!