Friday, February 4, 2011

Home Show

Baylor liked this swingset. We can't wait to play on ours outside!
I love tulips!
Taking the time to smell the flowers.
I love him!
A huge sand sculpture.
Taking a break.
Mimi and I had planned to go to the Home Show on Wednesday but the ice put a halt to that. On Friday Miss Sarah came and watched the little two boy and Baylor went with Mimi and I. They needed a break from each other and I was excited to have some time with Baylor. We went to the library, post office, and then had lunch at McAllister's before going to the Home Show. We had a great lunch and Baylor loved his potato and turkey sandwich. The Home Show had some great things and I loved seeing some fresh flowers and signs of spring. The show home was decorated really neat and was fun to tour. The boys loved playing with Sarah and Coop had fun having her attention!

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The Gambrel Family said...

Jes, I love your top!

The home show looked fun!