Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cooper's Preschool Valentine Party

A Valentine hug for Mrs. Steele. He really loves her!
Snack time, the jello was a big hit.
For part of the little relay they had to hop over the hearts.
Coop's turn at ring toss.
Painting his bear.
They all did great.
He loves to paint.
Today was Cooper's Valentine's Day party at his preschool. I was in charge of the party and had fun spending time with him at school. We painted a little candy box first and the kids did great with the paint. They all worked hard on their special craft. Afterwards we played three games and they all had fun. We played ring toss, a little relay, and with the parachute. They loved trying to keep the valentine cuddlies on top of the parachute. For snack they had a heart rice krispie, red jello, and heart marshmallows with fruit punch. It was a fun party!

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Amy said...

We spent this morning at preschool with Cooper! I really liked the class and Ryker loved it. He didn't want to leave! We're touring one more option tomorrow and then deciding for sure where he'll be in the fall. Thanks for the recommendation!