Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baylor passed Kinder Core!

Baylor with his completed book of words.
We are so proud of you!
It was a great day all around! The sun was out and the temps were in the high 60's. We went to lunch at Paradise Bakery and did some birthday shopping. Mimi let Baylor pick a Build a Bear as a treat for his hard work.
Hooray for a great day, a little peek into spring weather and lots of sun!
We have been working really hard on Kinder Core words at our house so Baylor could pass. He has been really close for a while and only had a few words he was stuck on. He's really been working with Mimi, Pop, and Mommy to pass. We told him he needed to pass before we went to Disney so he could miss a week of school. That really made him want to pass this week. He was so cute when he got in the car today and was all smiles. He wanted to call Daddy and Pop right away to tell them the good news. We are so proud of you Baylor! Great Job! We are now on to Snoopy 220 words. Kinder Core is a list of 55 words and Snoopy is 220 so we have lots to learn!


The Gambrel Family said...

Great job Baylor!!

Nicole said...

Congrats Baylor!!

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Katie said...

That's awesome!

I love that picture of the boys in the shower! Too cute.