Thursday, February 3, 2011

House Update Week #3

Drywall is all up.
Where the new window is going.
Where cabinets are going, the fridge is going to be recessed.
The look from upstairs.
They cut several holes in the floor to make it all even and lowered the concrete down. It was so weird to see the workers go under the house from the downstairs.
Another look.
All the new boards in the sub floor.
Here we are close to the end of week 3 for the downstairs renovation. Even with the weather this week we have had workers here working hard every day. The sub floor was uneven in many spots and they had extra work to do to get everything right. So thankful we picked conscientious builders who went the extra mile to make it right. The drywall all went up in one day and it is starting to look like a real space. The lighting is all ready to go and we now have working lights downstairs. It is exciting to see all the progress everyday!

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