Saturday, February 5, 2011

Basketball, Home Depot, and Date Night

Tom and me at dinner.
Andi and Baron.
Andi is such a great friend.
Mr. Defense.
Putting up a basket.
Dribbling is fun to watch with little kids.
Running hard.
Go Baylor.
Parker slept while his brothers worked away.
Baylor went first and did a great job.
We are really into tools and building right now with all we have going on at our house.
Great Job Baylor!
Coop did great a hammering his nails.
He was really focused.
We had an early basketball game this morning again at 8:30 am. Baylor has not had practice the past three weeks, twice for weather and once for being sick, so I wasn't sure how the morning would go. Baylor was really excited for the game and had fun playing. He played hard the whole time and did great on defense. He put up lots of shots and did make one basket. He runs hard the whole game and tries his best. Parker and Coop had fun watching the game and playing with Mimi, Mammaw, and Pappaw. After the game we went to the Home Depot for the Kid's Workshop. When we were there a few weeks ago one of the sales associates gave us a brochure and invited us to the workshop. What a fun free thing for families to do together. This month you got to make heart shelf. At your first workshop you get a tool apron and then everything comes in the kit. The boys did great and loved working with Daddy. When the project was completed they got a certificate and a special pin to put on their apron. It was such a nice event and we are going to go back next month. Tom said this workshop has now made him a Home Depot customer instead of a Loews' customer. After the workshop we had to take the van into the shop which was an adventure in itself. It was stuck in the ice at Mimi's house and we could not get it out. We had to pull it out with my truck and I fell on the ice in the process. Thankfully a neighbor came to our rescue so I did not have to be the one to pull it out. Afterwards we went to lunch at Cafe 52 and then came home for naps. At night Miss Sarah came to watch the boys and Tom and I went out to dinner with Andi and Baron. We went to dinner at The Ordinary and had a great meal. I loved spending time with Andrea and Baron, I am so thankful for our friends. Afterwards we all went to the Osbourne's house to celebrate Nicole's 30th birthday. It was nice to actually be able to talk and spend time with our friends!

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d_freestone said...

Ohhhhhh, Home Depot and Date Night in one day???? Sounds like a Date Night for MY Tom and I!! BUT, I love going into Home Depot and Lowes for all of the goodies to complete the remodeling jobs!! Cannot wait to see the outcome! Glad to hear that your weather has improved enough for you to get out of the house!!