Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweetie's Bday Celebration

We went to Little Mexico for Sweetie's birthday.
Parker loves the girls.
Sweetie brought the boys a gift for her birthday. Park got Mario, Cooper got a Buzz puzzle, and Baylor got the Taj Mahal puzzle. Baylor swiped the Mario backpack.
These girls are so special.
Baylor had fun with Pop.
Coop sat by Mimi and he was busy being a baby dolphin.
Sweetie's actual birthday was on Monday February 21 but we were out of town so she wanted to wait and celebrate when we got home. Tom had to go out of town again but the boys and I went with Mimi and Pop and Miss Tina. We had her birthday dinner at Little Mexico. She had a great time and loved her presents. She is such a sweet and special person and has been so nice to our family. Happy Birthday!

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