Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's called Splitsville and is such a neat place. They have pool and bowling and play lots of fun music.
Baylor had a hard time accepting that Cooper beat him at bowling. He is used to being the best at everything.
Parker liked all the colorful balls.
Coop got a strike on his very first roll. He was having a lucky night.
These pics are all from my phone, hence the terrible quality.
Go Baylor!
Each time he would say please get a strike!
We checked out lots of neat boats on our walk.
Daddy and Baylor at dinner.
Coop and Mommy.
Parker has started to say cheese when I take pictures and will smile really big.
There was a little sand area outside on the Riverwalk with some big animals.
The alligator was the favorite.
The water was not as warm so we took a few breaks.
Baylor is so nice to Parker.
Working on the underwater wave.
After our eventful night the boys and I had room service again for breakfast. We were staying at the Intercontinental Hotel that was located inside an office area with a huge glass atrium. Parker made friends from across the window with two ladies in their office. He seriously spent all morning waving to them, playing peek a boo, and blowing kisses. He thought he was on a little stage. Tom had a meeting early in the morning and then came to pick us up in between lunch and more meetings. We packed up and headed to our new hotel. It was beautiful and so much better. We spent the day at the pool and had lunch outside again. After a fun day outside Tom surprised me with a great dinner at the Columbia. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Sarasota and they have a cafe on the water in Tampa. We sat outside and it was a lovely night. We walked on the River Walk and then went to go get ice cream at Cold Stone. Right next to the ice cream shop was an adorable bowling restaurant and we decided to bowl a game. It was the cutest place ever and so much fun. The boys did great and had a fun night.

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