Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Party at Conner Prairie

Balancing his heart.
They added a little bucket to the barn with basketballs. This was Baylor's favorite part.
He played with the trains.
Parker loved the little garden.
Playing heart ring toss.
He wasn't a good listener today and this is him not following directions. We all have our off days!
They always decorate so cute.
Cooper working on his card for Daddy. He loves to use glue stick, it may be because he loves to make a mess!!!
For the heart poem Baylor picked a blue heart.
Parker had a great time.
We tried a group picture since they all had their Prince Charming shirts on, this was the best one!
After school we headed to Conner Prairie for a Valentine Party. The class at Conner Prairie are great and we love Miss Mary. We made a Valentine card and a special heart bag, the kids did a poem, sang songs, played several games, and read a book. It was a fun class with lots of fun things for the kids to do. They also got a heart cookie and got to decorate it with icing and candy. Of course this was Cooper's favorite part. After class they were able to play in the Discovery Station for a little bit. Mimi and Parker played here during class and he had a great time! He thinks he has hit the big time now that he can play and get out of the stroller and walk around. On the way home we stopped at the bakery to pick up some Valentine treats. Daddy got home from a trip tonight so we were all happy to see him!

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