Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Outside Fun

Baylor had fun having me take underwater pictures.
He would hand the rings to Baylor. I bought his tube last minute on Amazon and it said it was orange, but it was purple and pink. Oh well, he was comfortable with his manhood:). It was nice to have and let him kick around and enjoy the water. These are my favorite tubes ever!!!!
B is a great little swimmer.
Go Cooper.
The zero entry pool area was our favorite and where we spent the most of time.
The lifeguards brought around ice pops. The boys got two.
They were quite happy.
Parker enjoyed his with his lunch.
This is the life!
Walking around like a big boy.
Playing tetherball.
Parker loved the big chess pieces.
He used all of his muscles to carry around the big pieces.
Having fun in the sand.
Coop went down the slide over and over again.
sCoop was the pirate assistant looking for treasure.
Parker kept trying to eat the sand.
Before we went out for the day we worked on homework.
Breakfast for two little kings.
This morning we had room service for breakfast since Daddy had to leave early and would be gone all day. The boys thought it was way cool and looked so cute with the big table by the window. After breakfast we watched some cartoons and then headed outside for the day. We played in the sand again, spent time of the playground, and lots of time swimming. We ate lunch outside again today and had a great time. The lifeguards were throwing rings and diving sticks in for the kids and Baylor had so much fun. He played with them for a long time. Cooper tried too but his float makes it a little hard. He would try to get them with his toes. We ended the day with checkers and ping pong. After a long outside we headed in to shower and pack up. When Daddy was done for the day we left the hotel and headed to Tampa. The boys were sad to leave the hotel and had such a great time there. Once we got out of Orlando we stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel. We arrived at our first hotel a little after 10:00pm. Things just didn't go well from the start. Our first room smelled like smoke, was dirty, had burn marks on the floor, and the door handle fell off. Tom, who never complains, called the front desk and they said they would have housekeeping make sure the next room was perfect. After waiting in the hall with our luggage forever we finally moved to our next room. It was even worse and had burn marks on the bed. Tom decided we were leaving. Looking back it is pretty comical to think of us with all of our stuff and three kids but then it was not funny at all! We ended up staying at a different hotel for the night and then moved to a different Marriott by the Marina in the morning. It made for quite an adventure at night and the boys did so well with all the moving.

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The Gambrel Family said...

Room Service is fun no matter how old you are, looks like a great time!