Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium is right next to the port and I wanted to get on the cruise ship!
They loved the touch pool.
Checking out the turtles.
So much to see.
Parker spent lots of time in the stroller watching.
Some of these fish were huge.
We love the sea turtles.
Lots of fish.
The biggest fish I've ever seen.
They loved their time with Daddy.
Don't they look sweet.
The aquarium was such a fun place.
The boys loved the diver demonstration. He talked about the fish, coral, turtles, and how to help save the ocean. It was so neat.
After the talk you could go up and give the diver high fives.
The playground was fun.
They have fun together.
I love him!
He got a balloon sword.
Playground fun.
I'm so lucky to have these four boys!
Don't forget to pack me!
This morning we ate breakfast at our hotel and walked around outside. There was a big 5K race and lots of activity around downtown. We checked out some boats and loved looking at them. We then went back and packed up our room and checked out. We packed up in the car and then walked to the aquarium. The Florida Aquarium is within walking distance and it was so nice to go there. It is a great facility with so many neat areas. The boys loved the alligators, crocodiles, and sharks. They had some really big fish too! I wish we knew about the splash area and outside play park for the boys. Since we didn't have suits and were already packed we didn't play in the water, but would definitely go back again. It was a great time and we all had fun. After having fun we ate a late lunch outside at Hooters. We tried to soak up all the time we could outside enjoying the warm sun. We walked along the Riverwalk back to the hotel and by the water and then spent some time on the playground. We were able to see some Dragon boats and people in the water. We got our car and then drove to Clearwater and looked at the beach and stopped to get ice cream before heading to the airport. We had a great flight home and the boys did great. A direct flight is so nice. We got home around 11:30 pm and were all tired and ready to sleep in our own beds.

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