Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to SK

 After so much fun in SK on Monday everyone wanted to head back for one more day.  We ate breakfast at our hotel on the water and then packed up our car.
 We checked out of our hotel because we were moving to Orlando after the day.
 They had a great time at the hotel.
 So pretty.
We said goodbye to Lisa:). 

 Our first stop was the pool.
 Mimi got the boys big beach balls and they loved using them at the pool today.

 After swimming we headed to the beach.
 Truly my favorite place.
 The water was so clear and calm.  Such a beautiful beach day.
 He was Mr. Happy.
 Digging and Building.
 Love his background.
 He loves getting water over and over.

 Mommy and Parker.
 Coop had fun swimming in the gulf.
We had Demetrio's carry out for lunch at the pool.

 He was done but kept coming back for more.
 P took a big nap at the pool in his stroller.
 Then it was time to swim again.
 1,2,3 Go!

We ate dinner at the Hub and then drove to Orlando and checked into our next hotel.  The boys were excited to head to Disney in the morning.

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