Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Lorax

After school Mimi and I took the big boys to see The Lorax.  It was such a good movie!  I definitely recommend anyone to see it, such a great message!
 The Lorax is one of my very favorite Dr. Seuss books and I would always read it on Earth Day when I taught school and do fun projects with the book.  
 We have read the books lots at home but read it before we went to the movie.  Baylor kept saying it's just like the book in the movie.  He loved it!
 Coop was excited to go!
 We saw it in 3D, love his glasses and drink.
 Coop actually kept his glasses on the whole time.
My favorite quote from the movie and book.  Such a powerful word, UNLESS...  This can apply to so much in our lives.  We often think a problem is too big but every person can make a difference!

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