Saturday, March 10, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

On Saturday afternoon we drove to Great Wolf Lodge for a night of swimming and family fun.  The boys were so excited to swim.  We got their suits on and Parker went to the bathtub and said swim.  He thought we drove there to swim in the bathtub, so funny.  Mimi got Tom this for a Christmas present and we were all excited to go!
Once he saw the pool he was so excited!  It was way bigger than the bathtub.
He wore the puddle jumper and did great.  He is going to love the pool and beach this summer.  All three boys are water boys!
The lazy river was our first stop.  They all love it.  However it's not so lazy with them.  They like to swim it.
Cutie having fun!
His hair is long and in his eyes again, he is so happy.
Coop still liked the little slides.
Go Buddy!
The hotel was at capacity so we feared the water park would be packed, but there was a gaming convention on with some very interesting costumes.  However, the convention attendees were not swimming so the pool was not crowded.
Parker loved the tree house.
I think the angle of this picture makes Baylor look so much younger.  I love his smile.  He had a great time!  
Water Water Everywhere!
They love these two slides.
He loves to play!
Parker kept up with the big boys and loved it.  It is so cute to hear him say Great Wolf Lodge.
He was trying to spray us.  Needless to say it's hard to stay dry inside the water park.  He was successful.
They called this the car wash.
Baylor did great on the lily pads.
Cooper needed a little help since he couldn't reach the net to get to the next pad so I got in and helped in move them closer.
All smiles.
He was kicking and swimming like a fish.
Daddy love.
Squirting water is oh so much fun.
Parker loved pulling the ropes and making all the water come out.
Our friend Grant was there with his cousins and grandparents for the weekend.  The boys loved playing with him.  They played basketball together.
Having fun.
They all love climbing on the big snake in the pool.
Playing with Daddy.
He loved playing basketball in the water.
Parker loved this little slide and did it over and over again.  He could climb up by himself and I would wait for him at the bottom.  He would say do it again as soon as he was off.
Go Grant!
Go Park!
An underwater shot of Coop.
Grant was so nice and shared his goggles with Cooper.  He is such a sweet boy and is so nice to Cooper.  Cooper thinks he is great!

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