Friday, March 16, 2012

First Cook Out of the Season

On Friday night we had friends over for the first bbq of the season.  We had a free night and the weather was perfect!

I love all of these sweet kids!  Eli is one of my very favorite little boys.
The kids loved playing outside!
There was some basketball going on too.
Addi was so happy swinging.  He's such a sweetie.
Kate is so cute.  She is such a sweet baby.
Eli hopped on with a ride from Whitney.

They loved eating at the picnic table.
Eli and Parker were so funny talking during dinner.
I am so thankful for her!
Dan, Brian, Baron, Tom, and Carl.  These guys are so fun together.
Sysily and Kim.
The dads got in on some basketball action too, they really are just big kids.
Gigi and Cooper, are they cute or what?
Lynley and Eli driving together.
Sydney was all ready for St. Patrick's Day.

Where's Eli?

Nicole is such a great friend.  I love her so much!
They ended the night together playing the DS.  They are so funny!
We have been loving this weather and had a great night with our friends!

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