Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Party at Mimi and Pop's House

 On Saturday Mimi and Pop had us over for a Luck of the Irish party.  The table was all set and everything was so cute.
 The boys got a headband, straw, slinky, necklaces,and gold coins from Chuckie Cheese.
 Up first was a hunt for gold coins left behind by the Leprechaun.  They were all over the yard.  For every 10 coins the boys found they got $1.00.  I think I needed to be in this!

 Parker started out strong.  He found lots right away to add to his bag.
 Baylor was off in a flash and filled his bag, he had to move up to a Ziploc.
Cooper was hurrying too and had some help from Pop.
 Baylor couldn't wait to get his sorted into piles of 10 to find out his total money count.  He was loving this!
 Cooper had a little different method.:)
 We grilled out and had a great dinner.  Pop wore his Irish mustache.
 An Irish babe.
 Yummy dessert.
 For a game they had to throw green eggs through the shamrock.  They loved this!
 We also dyed Easter eggs the colors of the rainbow.  This was great for Cooper because he loves hard boiled eggs and actually eats them!
 Such a fun night!
 They all had a great time!
 Cooper loves his Mimi.
Thanks Mimi and Pop for a fun night!

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