Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday Dinner with Mimi and Pop

 Friday night Tom and I went out for my birthday.  We went to Sullivan's for dinner and then went to go see The Descendants.  We had a fun night together.
 On Saturday night we went to Santorini's with Mimi and Pop.  Parker insisted on wearing his goggles.
 Coop sat by Mimi and Pop.
 The birthday girls.
The reason it's my favorite place, grape leaves!!!! 
 I love this meal.
 Mimi got steak and it looked so good too.
 The owner gave the boys little thumb cymbals to play like the belly dancer.  Daddy got into the action.
 Parker was very intrigued by the belly dancer.
 Cooper did some birthday shopping with Mimi.  He was so excited to give me the presents.

 Look at his face.
 Mimi helped Baylor with some shopping too.
 We gave Mimi a present to open too.
 The cake was from a Couple of Sweet Things.  She's back from maternity leave, it was so good!
It was strawberry, my favorite!
 Make a wish!

Happy Birthday to us!

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The Gambrel Family said...

I love these pictures! You and your Mom look so pretty, I hope you both have a wonderful Birthday!