Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mops Bowling Play Date

 Today we had a Mops play date at Strike Force Lanes.
 We were the only bowlers there which worked out great.  
 We had a small group today, but very eager bowlers.
 They were pumped!
 The man let us use the smaller balls and they kids used bumpers.  We also used the bowling ramps which were fun!
 Watching his ball.
 They had to use their muscles.
 Go Coop!

 He was saying Go Ball Go!
 Watching Hudson's ball.
 Sometimes the balls went really slow!
 Elena had fun watching.
 All smiles.
 The ramp made it much easier.
 It would roll much faster.

 Parker's turn.

 A juice break for Hudson and Parker.
What great little bowlers.
Hudson, Elena, Nolan, Tucker, Silas, Chaney, Jaxon, Cooper, and Parker.

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Brownie Bunch said...

What a fun day! The kids said they had a great time. PS-I borrowed some of your pics for my blog.