Tuesday, March 6, 2012

UnBirthday Party

 Today we had an Unbirthday party at Mops and it was such a cute meeting.  Two of our mentor moms were in charge of the meeting and they did a great job.  Mom and Cathy made it so fun and cute.
They picked two themes and then decorated around that.  They did Sesame Street and Pooh.  Miss Cathy did party food ideas for each theme.  It was all adorable.
 Her Bert and Ernie fruit ideas were amazing!  My kids would love these. 
 Then Mom was in charge of party favors and wrapping presents.
 Two ladies in our group won the party favors and they have enough for eight kids.  Such cute ideas.  There are even invites, thank yous, crafts, and games.
 Mom also taught the group how to make bows.  She is a great bow maker. 
A lady from the Marsh bakery came and gave cake decorating tips too.  She decorated a Pooh cake and we all got a cupcake to decorate with her tips. She showed us how to make a flower and a balloon. 
 Then we worked on birthday bags for the Hancock County Food Pantry.
 We had so many great items brought in to fill the bags.
 We were able to assemble over 60 birthday bags!
 They all have a cake mix, icing, cake pan, and candles with other goodies for a birthday.
 Such a fun meeting.
 Afterwards we went to lunch with Mimi and Jen, Ethan, and Gabrielle.
 The little boys did great at lunch.

 They were all hungry and ate great.
 Mimi brought her coupon for a free dessert today and we got the Mile High Pie again.  It was so good!
 I love Jen!
We went to Carson's after lunch.  Gabrielle was screaming in her stroller so I rescued her.  She is so sweet and  Iove holding a baby so it worked out great!  

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