Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meeting Winter

 On Tuesday morning Daddy had to drive to the Tampa office for meetings.  I took all three boys to the breakfast buffett alone which was an experience, but they did great.  After breakfast we headed to the pool.

 They all love the water which makes it nice.  He cracks me up in his goggles because he takes them on and off and then can barely see.
 Hi Parker.
 Baylor is a great swimmer.
 He was getting tired and was saying hold a me momma.  
 We sat right by the playground area.  They would swim and then play and dig in the sand for a bit.
 The baby pool was perfect for P.
 Another lunch at the pool.
 After lunch we got ready and Daddy met us to head to the Clearwater Aquarium.  Baylor could not wait to go there.  This was where the movie Dolphin Tale was filmed and the star of the show, Winter the Dolphin, lives there.  We watched the movie in the car on the way and Baylor was excited to "meet" Winter.
 The sharks were fun to watch.

 They had lots of props from the movie which was fun.
 Parker and the turtle.

 Lots of turtles.
 Winter was having therapy and was swimming without her prothestic tail at the time.
 The girl was in the pool with Winter and they were doing different activities to stretch her muscles.

 We watched a turtle show.
 This is the prothestic tail.

 He loves ocean animals and learning about them.
They had a big touch pool.
 After the aquarium we went to Rockaway Grille on the beach.  It was tasty and a fun atmosphere.
 Everyone was hungry.
 Then we headed to the pier.
 We walked out to the beach and of course he rolled in the sand.

 Baylor took our picture.
 On the beach there was a bounce house and slide.
They also had jumping trampolines that all of the boys tried.
 Hi Coop.

 Parker even got it a shot.
 He loved it!
 Then we played on the playground.
 It was such a nice area for kids to play.
 Tom had fun playing too.
 On top of the world.
We ended the night with ice cream.

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