Saturday, March 17, 2012

St.Patrick's Day

 On St. Patrick's Day we woke up to find the Leprechaun had left us a note and green bread with three necklaces on the fireplace.  The boys were on a mission to find that pot of gold.
 We had Easter pictures downtown in the morning and then headed for a day of fun.  We ate breakfast at Le Peep.
 It was so yummy and the boys loved their food and did great.  
 We had the nicest couple sit by us and both the husband and wife came to our table and told us how well behaved and handsome our boys were.  It was good for this Mama to hear, I feel like they are pretty sweet too.  The couple ended us talking to us more and they are the owners of Roselyn bakery, it was so neat to talk to them and they were so sweet.
 1, 2, 3 Hurst boys in a row.
 After breakfast we headed to the canal because that crazy leprechaun turned the water green.
 It was another beautiful day and we were happy to spend time outside.
 The boys loved watching the fish.
 They were very active in the water.  The water was so green!
 The hill provided lots of fun.  They loved running up and down.
 Parker had fun calling the ducks.
 We played at the playground too.  We basically had it to ourselves.
 A little basketball with Mommy and Daddy.  
 He was getting nice and sweaty and needed a little break.
 Not for long though, he was back to playing!
 I love spending time with my family!
I truly am lucky and blessed to have these three little boys!

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