Friday, March 9, 2012

InstaFriday: March 9

1. Cooper was happy with his new fish from the carnival.  By the end of the week they all made a journey to meet Nemo.
2. Cooper was busy coloring a picture for Mimi.
3.  $10.00 from the Tooth Fairy!
4. The dog ate my pick bunny off the table.  His eyes and ears were gone, so sad!
5. It was a great birthday.  Flowers from Miss Sarah and a new curling iron.
6. Flowers from my brother's girlfriend.
7.  On our birthday mom and I went to lunch and to see The Iron Lady.
8. We had cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake.

9. Baylor got a 100 on his spelling test and spelled both bonus words right again.  They were hard this week!
10. I was so happy I got new sunglasses from F21 my last pair broke right before my birthday.
11. Signs of spring in our yard.
12. Signs of spring at Target!
13. We had some nice days where we could play outside.  He loves to swing.
14. Riding his bike.
15. Baylor was writing his spelling words, a fun way to practice.
16.  Parker was drawing Mickey.
17. Reading with Mom.  We've been reading all of the Nate the Great books.
18. Writing his name.
19. He loves his Legos.
20.  A pudding cup went bad!
21. I took Coop to the doctor, just a cold.
22.  Then he went shopping with me for the insta food drive.
23.  Our food pantry has been collecting peanut butter because the price has really gone up.
24.  After we shopped we took it to our church where they collect the food and then take to the food pantry.
25. He wasn't feeling well.
26. He felt great and emptied a whole pack of wipes.

life rearranged

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