Friday, March 30, 2012

Pool Day: Our Last

 We stayed at the JW Marriott last winter when we went to Florida with Tom on business.  The boys have since talked about the hotel as their most favorite.  
 They were so happy to be back!
 We spent the entire day outside!
 He couldn't wait to get into the pool.  It is huge and has a great lazy river with lots of connecting pools.
The water felt great and it was a beautiful day.

 Loving all of the waterfalls.
Parker loves to play with his brothers.
 He's getting so big.
 Mr. Happy in the water.
 He's got a squirt gun, watch out.
 The playground area is fun too!
 A little digging and sand fun.
 Parker loved the alligator.
 Family ping pong game.
 We ate lunch and dinner outside, which they love.
 It's so much more fun to eat outside.
 After he ate lunch he fell asleep again in his stroller, he's a great sleeper.

 The big boys did the afternoon craft.  They got to make their own shark's tooth necklace.  They turned out great.
 Great Job C.
 Back to the pool.
 He looks so comfy.
 So much fun.

 My four favorite boys!
 At night the boys found a frog at the pool.
 Before we went in for the night the big boys made candy crayons in the activity center.
They were chocolate dipped pretzels in different colors and they tasted so good.  It was a perfect last day in the sun!

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