Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Way Back Wednesday: Welcome to the World Baylor

 Baylor was born on October 7, 2004.  I had to have a c-section and was terrified but was so thankful after we learned how big he was.  He weighed 10 pounds 6 ounces!  He was a huge newborn.  
 He had lots of visitors at the hospital.  Everyone was excited to meet him.  I gained so much weight with Baylor!  I was lots smaller to begin with but man 75 pounds is alot to gain, I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.  After he was born I was so puffy and swollen, good thing I was head over heels in love with him.
 He had a few rough first days mainly because he was starving!  He cried lots and lots and we got little sleep in the hospital.  We were too nervous to send him to the nursery at all so we didn't get much sleep either.  We were just so happy to finally be parents and have him in our arms.  We were so in love!
 We came home as a family of three on October 10.  I love that all of the boys have come home to the same house.  Its our home!  Tom drove so slow on our first trip in the car, he was so nervous.  He looked so cute in his little outfit.  Mimi had this sign in our yard to welcome us all home!
Those first few days at home were so sweet and busy!  Sleep was not a high priority for Baylor and he cried  lots but was happy being held.  He was a chunky monkey and I loved all of his rolls.  

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