Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Birthday Lunch

 Today after church we met everyone at P.F. Chang's for lunch.  The boys always want to sit by Sarah.  She sat in between Baylor and Cooper.
 Parker ate like a champ.  He loved the dumplings and the chicken fried rice.

 Mama and Papa.
 Jen and Chris.
 Ethan and Uncle Mike.
 I love sharing my birthday with Mom.
 Mimi and Pop.
 Coop and Sarah.  Coop ate great too, he used his soup spoon and ate his whole place of chicken fried rice.
 Gabrielle was awake, she is so sweet.

 Andy and Colleen.
Aunt Von and Uncle Jeff with Drake.  He was so happy.
Katie and Adam.
Daddy got to hold Gabrielle and Park was checking her out.  He kept saying nice boy and Tom would say it was a girl and he would say no.
The boys have fun together.
Then we had cake!
Coop was so happy that he got to hold Drake.  He wanted to be right by him the whole time.  He loves babies.  We had a great time with family!


Nicole O said...

Looks like a fun birthday weekend! Happy Birthday wishes from the Osborne's :)

Diane Freestone said...

Keep celebrating! Loved the photographs!