Friday, March 16, 2012

Baylor's Luck of the Irish Day

 On Friday I picked Baylor up from school right before his lunch time.  I told him it was his Luck of the Irish Day.
I took him to the Children's Museum.  It was just the two of us and he was excited!  We ate lunch right away because he was starving.
 Our first stop was the new Lego exhibit.  
 He loves Legos and enjoyed seeing all the things they had made.
 There were lots of Legos you could build with.
 So many pieces.
 He made a plane, a tractor, and a car.
 Then you could race them down the ramp.
 There was a big area you could play with your creations.
 It was fun to focus on just him!
 We also went to Mr. Potato Head and he had fun there too.
 He loves racing the coins.
Scienceworks is always a favorite. 
 His picked a great horse.
 We rode together, so fun!
 Still not too big.
We ended our day at the dinosaurs and then got ice cream before we headed home.  We had a great day together.  I loved spending time with him!

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Emily said...

It was good to see you! :-) Glad you guys had a good time! (You can see Jason in the background of the cafeteria shot with his black Apple t-shirt. :-)