Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Day!

 My birthday morning started with an early call that we had a two hour delay for icy road conditions.  I was shocked since this was our first delay of the entire winter.  Since we were delayed Tom stayed home and surprised me with breakfast.  It was a great way to start the day and we all enjoyed breakfast together.
 Mimi and I went to lunch at On The Border and then went to go see The Iron Lady.  The movie was really good and we had a fun day together.
 At night we met Tom and Pop at Buca for dinner.
 The boys were excited!
 We had another yummy meal!
 An hour before we left I told Mom I was so full and didn't think I could eat, but once I got there I was hungry again and managed just fine!
 We had a fun birthday!
 They even sang to us.
 After dinner it was back to Mimi's house for presents.  I got some great new maternity clothes from Mimi and some cute jewelry.  Tom got me a new camera that I am excited about!
We had yummy cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake to finish off the night!
It was a great birthday!

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Diane Freestone said...

You two know how to celebrate! Glad you could start with a 2 hour delay!