Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day of Fun at the Beach and Pool

 The hotel lobby bird was named Lisa and the boys loved checking her out each day.  
 In the morning we headed over to the beach.
 It was a great beach day.
 The boys were excited to play in the sand.
 They had lots of work to do.
 We pulled the chairs out of the cabana and the boys used it as a fort to build.
 A heavy load!
 They are all beach babies.
 My view.
 Parker loved the watering can and would fill it up over and over.
 He loves the beach.
 The water is still a little chilly but the boys all got in.
 He loved jumping in the waves.
 Baylor played a little baseball with Daddy.
They love the sand. 
 Daddy buried the big boys.
 The boys loved the food cart that drove around.  We got lunch and ate on the beach.  What fun!
 The boys fed the leftover bread to the birds.  They were everywhere.
 Parker didn't want to be in the middle of the action.
 Coop loved it!
 This bird ate a piece of bread right off of Baylor's head.
 After a fun morning at the beach we headed to the pool to swim.
 He was happy to have his goggles.
The pool was great!
 Fun with Daddy.
Underwater pictures are always fun. 
 Baylor even smiles under the water.

 We walked to dinner on the boardwalk right by our hotel.  We ate outside at a little diner.  It was a great view and a perfect spot to eat.
 The boys love sitting outside!
It was a great day!

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