Wednesday, June 22, 2011

18 Months

Today Baylor took a baking class at Paisano's Italian bakery. He love Food Network and couldn't wait to go. He was a little nervous though because Mimi couldn't go back into the kitchen and it was from 10-2 but he wanted to go. At first he wanted Mimi to stay the whole time but once he got there and met the other kids he was fine and had a blast.

This little girl's face in this picture cracks me up.
There were two girls and two boys in the class and it was cake day. They made a cake, iced three cookies, and made their own lasagna for lunch. He had so much fun.

I love this bakery, their cannoli's are my favorite!

When Mimi picked him up he said I want to go back next week.

While he was gone I took the little boys to the pool and they were great. We also cleaned the house to get ready for Pop.

His finished cake, he said he incorporated all the holidays with the different colors.

Too funny!

Great Job Baylor!

It was kid's night at Sharky's again. We went earlier this week and ate before the festivities.

The boys decided they wanted sharks on their arms tonight.

Jackson was there too.

The shark even had blood coming from his mouth.

Such a pretty view from our table.

He celebrated his 18 month birthday. He likes the music and to see all that is going on. It's noisy there which works for us.

The palm tree crab dominates the others, he's #12.

They are serious about cheering on the crabs. They really want to do this at their birthday, but what do we do with 12 crabs? I know party favors:).

He was a winner for the second race and got a Grow snake.

Coop was a winner for the third race and picked water balloons, great for our summer fun list.

It was so hot tonight, can you tell by his hair?

We walked out on the pier. I made the little go in their stroller this week.

We watched the fishermen.

So pretty.

Happy 18 months!

Our friend Eli turned 2 today! We love you Eli!

Can you tell Coop was thrilled to be in the stroller?

Parker you are 18 months old today. I can't believe Cooper was this age when I was pregnant with you! You are one busy little guy. You love the beach, pool, and sand. You are serious about your shovel and love to "dig". You are a good eater and eat almost anything. You love strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cookies. You are also a fan of Popsicles. You wear mostly 24 months and 2t in clothes and a size 6 diaper. We have your 18 month appt. when we get home to find out how much you weigh now. Your morning nap has faded while we have been on vacation but you still take a long afternoon nap. You love your big brothers and watch them like crazy. You are starting to get in on some of the action. You have even started to hit them and we are working on no hit! Parker you sure are a loud little guy. You sing bye oh baby so loudly with the most serious look on your face. You sing little tunes to yourself too and it is so funny but can get a little loud too! You have started screaming and it is something we are working on too. You are saying more and more words. Here are some of them: bird, dig, toes, bite, juice, pool, ball, boat, book, up, bubby, Cooper, Mimi, Mama, Dada, choochoo, car, uh oh, baby, stroller, shovel, all done, all gone, oh no, no, bye, hello, hi, phone, and dog. I know I am probably missing some, but this is most of them. Some of them sound much different but we know what you are saying. You are also big at pointing at things. You know lots of body parts and love pointing them to us, nose, toes, belly, fingers, arm, leg, eyes, hair, mouth, teeth, and ears. You love to run and kick the ball too and are pretty good at keeping up with a rolling ball. You love to chase the birds at the beach and I think you are going to miss them when we go home. Parker we love you and think you're great!

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Nicole said...

I think 18month old Parker is looking so much like Baylor. I love Coop's big blue eyes in this shirt too. Have a great weekend!