Monday, June 20, 2011

Mr. Turtle

Tonight we went to St. Armands for dinner and ate at Venezia. The boys did so good at dinner tonight.
He loves their pizza.

Parker sat in the stroller and played peek a boo.

Mimi and Baylor.

Look at that face.

The boys spent time playing Beyblades at the pool with Jackson again.

Cooper's trying to earn some of his own if he continues to take his medicine good.

The chlorine was really strong today so he wanted to wear his sunglasses.

Mimi and Baylor brought home Arby's and ate at the pool and Parker took Baylor's drink.

The little boys ate lunch at the pool with Mommy while Baylor and Mimi were at art class.

Today was Baylor's final art class and he grouted his sea turtle.

He had so much fun and loved the class.

His turtle is so beautiful. I love it!

He was so excited to go each day.

He wants to take another art class later this summer.

What fun.

It was a great experience.

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d_freestone said...

Baylor you did a GREAT job on your turtle!!! It is PERFECT for the Florida House!!