Friday, June 3, 2011

Gone Fishing

Since we are going to be here for Father's Day we gave Daddy his present early this year. Baylor and Daddy went fishing on a chartered boat with a guide. They had so much fun and caught lots of fish. Baylor caught over 30 fish himself.
They had to be at CB's by 7:00 am to go out for the day.

They saw sharks and dolphins and caught lizard fish, puffer fish, catfish and many more.

He had so much fun.

He was excited to spend the day with Daddy.

It was a really pretty day and the water was beautiful.

Great Job Baylor.

Baylor with the guide.

After fishing Daddy and Baylor picked up Mimi at the airport and then we all swam at the pool. It was the girls last day so they had fun playing together.

Jumping fun.

We are all so happy Mimi is here!

We ate dinner at Demetrio's and then headed to the beach.

Fun time racing.

The competition was serious.

What a great week.

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