Friday, June 10, 2011

Mote Marine

The boys have been wanting to visit the Mote Marine and we decided to go today. The only reason they were sad to not be at the beach was because today is Santa's last day of vacation. Baylor colored him a picture and a note so we took it down to him this morning before we left. I should've taken a picture because it was an ocean with animals and the beach with Santa sitting in the sand. So cute!
Mimi bought a membership at the Mote so we plan to go back one more time while we are here. The boys had a great time!

They love all there is to see, do and learn about.

My three Under the Sea.

I think the Shark Zone is their favorite part. This hammerhead is enormous!

While Mimi went to the Immersion Theatre to see Shark, Predator, Prey with the big boys I stayed out with this cutie! He is too noisy for a movie. It was interactive and you had your own touch screen to play along throughout the movie.

They have decided they want an Ocean birthday party this year so I was trying to get a good picture with the shark in the background.

I know their birthday is in October but we start early around here!

They could look at the sharks forever.

He was really into the Mote this year and had a great time.

Contact Cove is really neat.

So much to feel and discover.

You can also observe the sharks from up above, talk about making this Mommy nervous. I had a death grip on Cooper.

Inside the jaw of a Megladon.

We walked to the Old Salty Dog for lunch. It's a short distance but seemed longer because it was hot.

After lunch we went to the Mammals area of the Mote and saw the dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles.

Parker liked playing in the sea turtle net.

We watched a dolphin training session.

Parker was clapping for the dolphins when they jumped.

We ended the day in the gift shop. The boys were happy!

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d_freestone said...

Love the photographs!!! Mote looks great!! This is one place I have not visited, yet..... See you SOON!!!