Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Santa's on Vacation

Santa is back again this year!

The boys talk about Santa being at the beach all year long. They have been looking for him to see if they spot him on the beach. We thought we saw his car on Sunday night in the car ports. His sleigh drops him off and then he drives an SUV with a huge sleigh decal on the back window. Baylor saw him at the beach on Monday but today they were able to go talk to him and get their picture taken. He was right out in front by the castle today. Both boys are on the nice list, I think Santa is extra nice about his list on vacation:)!
Brotherly love!

What a pretty sight!

We always call Parker Baby Bam Bam because he is so strong and tries to pick up the heaviest objects. He carries two buckets to the water and tries to carry them full. He moans and groans and does not give up and gets mad when I take the bucket from him.

He loves the water.

We went on a walk and these big boys walked ahead of us.

Coop wants to help with the big castle but it's hard when you are little.

Tom asked why he is wearing a Michigan hat. It was hanging in our garage and he likes to wear it to shade his face and he thinks it is not as tight as his hat. It's been in the garage for years and I don't think any of us are Michigan fans. He has a Colts hat but he says it's too tight for the beach. It's funny because people will comment on his hat and sing the Michigan fight song and he has not a clue!

He has loved helping and has worked so hard.

We went for dinner at Word of Mouth and sat outside. We were the only people outside so it was perfect!

Baylor loves to eat there.

After dinner we went to the beach and watched sunset and the boys played soccer. They played with Lee.

I love this picture.

He was covered in sand. I took the big boys to the pool after the beach and Mimi took Parker inside.

He loves shovels of all sizes.

Baylor wanted a picture of the middle castle.

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