Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pop's Here

Pop got here this morning and the boys were so happy. Parker was like cheering when Pop got out of the car and walked in the garage. I think they were all happy to see someone else.
We played in the ocean with Pop.

Pop sat right down in the sand and started to play with the boys.

We also played with Jackson.

Three brothers.

Playing ball.

He likes to chase the ball when the waves bring it back and forth.

We love Pop!


Park played with Pop the whole time in the pool. Can you tell our clear face stick was gone, this one paints his face white.


Pop wanted to take the boys to the Beach Bazaar for a prize. We ate dinner at Demetrio's and then headed to pick a treasure. Baylor picked this alligator head that came with a claw key chain. What a find! Coop picked a blinking pirate medallion necklace.

We went to the beach and put our suits on. They were covered in sand. After the beach we went to the pool.

Pop and Baylor.

Baylor and Cooper have enjoyed spending time with Dr. Michaels on our trip. He is going to be 98 in August and still swims every day! He is so nice to the boys and even brought them chocolate bars one day. The next day Baylor colored him a sea picture and we put it in his mailbox.

I love this picture.

Beach fun.

I love the beach at night even though it means another bath and more clean up.

They were chasing each other all over and going after the ball.

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