Thursday, June 30, 2011


Tonight we went for a late dinner at Crab and Fin. We weren't sure we were going to go there since of the noise Parker makes, but all of the boys did great. We had a great dinner and it was fun to be there. This piano player has been there since I was in high school. He always starts playing the Phantom and When I Fall in Love as soon as he sees me because I have requested those for years, and now I don't even have to request. He is so nice to the boys and they love talking to him. He let Coop try out his piano.

We had fun looking at all of the hand blown sea creatures in this window. It made for a great I Spy spot.

We all had ice cream at Kilwin's. I had peach and blueberry, yummy!

I've decided Parker does better when he can sit in his stroller at dinner. He ate really well and enjoyed watching the birdies on the ground.

He was excited to go again.

Right when we were ready to leave it started to rain and Mimi got a phone call from Pop about Mama. He thought something was wrong with her and that she may be having a stroke. He ended up taking her to a fire station and then she was transported to the hospital by ambulance. I tried to keep the boys in the garage and out of the way so Mimi could hear and call everyone she needed to to help out.

We were all praying for Mama and Baylor was really worried about her. We decided to go ahead and go to dinner and it helped. We kept getting updates from Pop. The rain ended and it was a beautiful night.

Mama did spend the night at the hospital but thankfully she was fine. The doctor has switched some of her medicine and it was a reaction to the new medication.

It was hard to be far away, but we were all praying.

During the day Baylor went back to bakery class. It was pastry day. He made several things today.

He made me a red velvet cupcake.

He was excited to go back again today!

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