Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Beach Boys

Our boys have had such a great week with Ellie, Lauren and Katherine. They have had so much!
So cute!

They played hard at the beach tonight.

Daddy and Coop tried to fish a bit.

Baylor and Ellie. Ellie is so fast.

Katherine is so sweet with Parker.


They were having races to see who could get the ball the fastest.

Coop and Katherine are only a year apart.


They are so cute. Our boys wanted to put their suits on so they could get sandy and then go to the pool.

We ate dinner at Turtles and sat outside.

It was a perfect night outside.

They wanted to sit by each other again.

Beach Models?

They had fun playing right by the shore.

They dug out a little pool and then put fish in it that Daddy caught in the net.

Can you tell P wanted the net?

What fun!

Katherine is 41/2 and she is so much fun.

It was another great day.

Prepared to dig:).

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