Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red, White, and Blue Boys

We were back at the beach this morning to work on the tunnel/moat/castle. Baylor couldn't wait to get started.
Coop has had a hard time staying out of it and not destroying it. This is hard for him because he wants to be a big kid but it's hard to build the right way.

Coop just wasn't feeling the beach today so after a bit Mimi took him to the pool to swim and the other boys stayed with me at the beach. They came back to get us when it was time for lunch. He was excited to swim and have some time with Mimi all by himself.

Santa came by to check out the progress.

Parker loves getting water.

He was mad because he wanted to lift the chair but it was too heavy with me sitting in it and he threw a fit.

Baylor skipped nap today and went back to the beach with Mimi and then the pool at nap time. He was outside all day long!

Baylor and this little girl named Katie put castles all around the moat.

Parker and I got in the water to cool off and we saw two manatees really close. They are huge! We were just hanging out in the water and he fell asleep while I was holding him. He stayed asleep in his stroller and took a snooze right by the water.

Tonight we went to dinner at St.Armands and ate at Venezia. We love the pizza.

We stopped and got Coop McDonald's since he won't eat pizza.

This is Baylor's favorite store. He loves the shell store!

We ended the night with ice cream. You have to lick fast.

Coop got Oreo too.

Parker made a huge mess but enjoyed every bite.

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