Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer

Today is officially the first day of SUMMER! My favorite season of all, I love all things summer.
We spent the day relaxing in the water, as much relaxing as can be done with three little boys:).

He was running up and down the beach with his hoe.

They were hitting the ball back and forth on the beach.

This baby loves the water.

I love when I get a real smile from him.

We were pretending he was being pulled by a trailer and I was running him around and he was having the best time.

Parker got a ride from Baylor and had fun.

It was a great day to be in the water.

We spent all morning at the beach and didn't come in until 2, we ate lunch at the pool and then swam until nap time.

We ate dinner at Philliphi Creek, but I forgot my camera:(. It wasn't our best dinner experience. Parker was noisy from the beginning and it was hot hot hot in the restaurant. I was a little stressed, so I ate my delicious butterfly shrimp quickly and took PMan outside. You just never know when he may start his screaming!

At dinner we did work on our Summer Fun List. The boys helped and Baylor was big adding more and more things. Here is our list so far. We have already been able to check off several of this items.

Art Class

Shell Mobile Craft


Rainbow Cupcakes

Make a watermelon cake

Catch Lightning Bugs


Play in the Ocean

Build Sandcastles

Watch Sunset

Symphony on the Prairie

Have a Bike Parade

Conner Prairie Splash Park

Splash Pad

Picnic at Park

Take Baylor Golfing

Camp Out


Water Balloon Fight

Sprinkler Play

Summer Reading Program

Lemonade Stand

Work at Food Pantry

Tennis Lessons

Get Snow Cones

Play at Beach

Swim at pool

Make smores

See Cars 2

Go to a drive in movie


Soccer Camp


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