Monday, June 6, 2011

Moat Builders and Marina

After dinner we played at the playground at the Marina. The boys had a great time.
This may be their new favorite spot. They loved looking for treasures by the shore during and after dinner. It was such a pretty night.

He was on the hunt.

Some of his treasures.


There were lots of dogs eating outside at this restaurant. This dog named Abby was playing frisbee in the water and the owner let the boys throw the frisbee. They were in love!

Parker was trying to watch the dogs from his high chair.

Mimi and Coop1

We ate dinner outside by the water at O'Leary's. The food was not the best but the scenery was awesome. It was a fun night.

Parker fell asleep after lunch so Mimi stayed in with him and I took the big boys to the pool.

They had a popsicle before swimming.

Lee is here this week. Baylor has played with her since he was two!

Coop had fun with Kayla and Kenzie.

We went back to the beach after lunch because he loves building this moat. He is such a hard worker.

He is having a blast.

New parts were added today.

Coop and Kayla.

Parker is getting two big back teeth and was not happy today. His mouth hurt and he didn't last long outside today. I think he was at the beach for thirty minutes and then I took him in for the day. We took turns staying in with Parker.

Sand builders.

Such a pretty day.

The middle castle.

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Nicole said...

I am loving your vacation pictures! The water looks so pretty. It is sooo hot here, and there isn't an ocean to be found! Enjoy some for me!