Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quiet Day

Today was the PERFECT beach day. There was a nice breeze and a calm ocean with a lovely sky. It was Saturday which is our very favorite day too. There was hardly anyone on the beach and it was great. We spent a long time at the beach and didn't come in until after 2. We ended up taking lunch to the pool and just eating there since it was so late.
We spent lots of time in the water today.

He spent lots of time on the hunt for birds. He is funny with his shovels.

There was lots of digging to do right by the shore.

He thought it was funny to bang on the buckets like drums.

I wonder what he thinks when he looks out at the ocean.

I love these piggies.

Kenzie and Baylor. The girls didn't leave until later in the afternoon so they were excited to play with them for one more day.

Kayla and Coop.

Playing in the waves.

They sat in the shallow water in the tubes for the longest time.

Pool noodles provide lots of entertainment.

Playing ball.

Baylor, Kenzie, Parker, Kayla, and Cooper.

One last shot by Baylor.

By Cooper. As we were leaving the pool the girls yelled out to the boys, don't forget us! We'll see you next year, melt my heart. What good times.

We went to dinner at the Hub in the Village and then walked around.

We of course stopped at the Beach Bazaar for a treasure and then ended the night with an Icee from 7/11. They wanted that over ice cream.

I took more pictures of my flowers in the morning.

They get prettier every day! Such pretty roses!

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