Friday, June 24, 2011

Shark Teeth Hunting

One of the things Pop wanted to do with the boys was go to Venice to look for shark's teeth. We were all going to go this morning, but Cooper decided he didn't want to go so these two had a day alone. Baylor had a great time.
They were there for a long time and ended up finding 24 shark's teeth, some jaw bone pieces, and other shells. Pop said it was hard work and Baylor worked hard and had so much fun.

He was worn out from his hunt.

Afterwards they went to Sharky's for lunch. They enjoyed their day together.

Coop went on several lizard hunts this morning and we spent all day at the pool. The little boys had fun swimming with Mimi and Mommy. Coop had fun playing with Jackson at the pool too.

We ate dinner at Yoder's. It was not a good night for Parker. We had to wait for a table so I stayed outside with these two until we sat down. Parker started to holler as soon as we went to the table and we were crammed in with a booth right next to us. I went back outside and came in when the food came. I ate so fast and Parker managed to get food all over Mimi and Mommy. I ended up going back outside to feed him and the manager brought me my dessert.

I think the manager felt sorry for me he made it huge. He has been there for years and always talks to us. He has three kids ages 5, 4, and 2, with a fouth on the way so he gets eating out with kids.

Parker loved the ice cream.

Jackson came over to tell the boys goodbye and give us some ice cream treats. We have loved playing with him. I have loved talking to his mom too, she is a fashion designer and is so much fun!

They all tried out Cooper's plane.

We took it to the beach too to try out.

Beach pals.

He had a great day and is loving his time with Pop. He told me he wants to do everything just like Pop.

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