Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tonight we went to Demetrio's for dinner and then back to the beach for sunset. I tried at sunset to get a cute brother picture but it just wasn't happening tonight. Parker wanted to dig, Coop wanted to "rest" and Baylor was ready to play. This is the best I could get. You would think there would be one night where it would work!
He was ready to get in the water. The waves were still big like during the day.

I told the boys the clouds looked like cotton candy. It was a beautiful night and felt so nice outside.

When you look at the sea, you can imagine all that you can be.

Baylor got to play Bocce ball with the men. He did really good!

Mimi and Coop. Mimi watched Baylor and the little boys and Mommy kicked the ball up and down the beach. Cooper would hit it back to me with his shovel and Parker would help chase after it. They had so much fun. I took them to the pool before going in for the night.

There are two little boys here this week that are 6 and 1 and their Daddy buried the boys. Here's Baylor.

Mr. Cooper.

He went out in the waves with Mimi but it was hard work. They were so big.

We tried to put the umbrella up but it was too windy. It got blown and I grabbed it and it carried me up the beach. Thankfully two men came to my rescue in my Mary Poppins moment.

Parker runs up and down the beach!

Taking a break on his boogie board.

Connor and Travis helped the boys build sand castles. Connor is going to be a Junior and Travis is going to be a Senior and they are such nice boys. I hope my boys are nice to little guys when they grow up.

Parker was bossing Connor around.

What fun.

Baylor really likes Connor and couldn't wait to show him his shark tooth necklace at the beach.

He was borrowing this truck and had the best time pushing it up and down the beach.

He's on the go.

Leaving the beach.

We swam for a long time at the pool.

Mimi brought us McDonalds and we ate at the pool.

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