Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back to the Mote with Pop

This morning we all woke up and got ready and went to Mote Marine early. Pop had never been there before and the boys were excited to show him around. We had a great time there. Coop loves the touch area. Notice his sleeve is rolled up and wet. Both sides of his shirt were drenched.

There were lots of different shells, egg cases, coral, etc for the kids to touch and learn about.

Under the Sea.

Once again we spent lots of time checking out the sharks.

Both boys are really into sharks right now. We have been reading lots of books about sharks and have several shark toys. They are really into shark's teeth too and can't wait to have an ocean birthday party.

He loves it when Pop tells him stories.

Both boys did great at the sting ray touch area today.

The boys with Mimi and Pop.

After the Mote we walked to the Salty Dog for lunch. We had a great view and all the boys did great! A victory!


After lunch we went to the Mammal center to see the sea turtles, manatees, and dolphins. Parker was out of his stroller and free to walk around. He was happy!

There is lots to see.

They all love climbing in the net. This is the point where we got really hot!!!

Baylor was having Pop read him all about manatees. They have two at the mammal center and I love watching them.

My boys.

Watching the dolphins. After the mote we headed home to swim. We were all hot and wanted to cool off.

Coop tried out his new squirt gun at the pool.

Park swam with Pop.

Baylor jumped in lots of times.

Silly boy.

He loves it when I throw him up. He says more over and over again. It's my work out in the pool.

He got to stay out longer with Pop while I took the little boys in for nap.

Since Parker had been so bad at dinner the night before I really wanted Pop to have a nice meal. I stayed home with the little boys who ended up taking really long naps, while Mimi, Pop, and Baylor went to Crab and Fin at St. Armands for dinner.

Baylor got to go with them and had a great time. I took the little boys to the beach for sunset and then to the pool and they had fun too.

They stopped here for a cuddly.

They had a great night.

There was about ten of these pictures on the camera of Baylor hamming it up. He's so funny!

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